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Sylvie Ruette

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Address: Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay - UMR 8628
Bâtiment 307
Université Paris-Sud
F-91405 Orsay cedex
Office: 3J1
Phone: +33 1 69 15 57 75
E-mail: (suppress anti-spam suffix)
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I am maître de conférences (associate professor) in the University Paris-Sud XI. I am a member of the team of Topology and Dynamics of the laboratory of mathematics of Orsay.

My area of research is dynamical systems in discrete time (given by iterating a map from a space into itself), mainly in dimension 1. Main topics: maps of topological graphs, interval maps, rotation set, coding, symbolic dynamics, topological Markov chains, entropy, measures of maximal entropy.

Here is a (quite old) summary of my work (a more recent one is available in French).

My Erdös number is 3 through Bernard Host and Vitaly Bergelson.

This academic year (2017-2018), I give lectures and tutorials in geometry in year 0 (transition year between high school and first year studies for students with a non scientific high school diploma), and lectures and tutorials in differential equations for third-year students in biology. At the second semester, I will have a sabbatical semester (délégation CNRS).

Latest update: January 10, 2018.