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Address: Département de Mathémathiques Orsay
Faculté des Sciences d Orsay
Université Paris-Sud 11
F-91405 Orsay Cedex, France.
Office: Building 425, office 216 bis.
Email: : clara.rossi-salvemini"at"

PhD's thesis (french) and summary of results (english).
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Research interests:

My working domain is Lorentzian geometry. In particular I'm studying Lorentzian manifolds which are conformally flat globally hyperbolic space-times of dimension greater then 3. The basic example of this kind of manifolds is Minkowski space-time. Constant curvature space-times are classical examples of conformally flats space-times. The causal structure of a Lorentzian manifold is a conformal invariant, and in the case of globally hyperbolic space-times it has a lot of interesting properties. In dimension greater then 3 conformally flats space-times are manifolds which are locally modeled on Einstein's universal space-time. Using the theory of geometric structures and classical causality theory (coming from general relativity) it is possible to better understand conformally flat globally hyperbolic space-times and find new examples. I'm now particularly interested to the case of similarity Lorentzian manifolds.

I'm in the ANR projet Extensions of Teichmueller-Thurston theories (ETTT).


"Maximal extension of conformally flat globally hyperbolic space-times" Preprint arXiv:1306.3753


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