Thomas Ourmières-Bonafos

Postdoc with Konstantin Pankrashkin

Team Analyse numérique et Équations aux dérivées partielles

Bât. 425
Université Paris-Sud
91405 Orsay Cedex

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Office : 235 (Bât. 440)
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Photo credits: Yohann Le Floch

Research interests


  1. Dirichlet spectrum of the Fichera layer, with Monique Dauge and Yvon Lafranche,
    Preprint, 2017 - ArXiv
  2. Dirac operators with Lorentz scalar interactions, with Markus Holzmann and Konstantin Pankrashkin,
    Preprint, 2017 - ArXiv
  3. Spectral study of the two-dimensional MIT bag model in a sector, with Loïc Le Treust,
    Preprint, 2017 - HAL
  4. Spectral asymptotics for delta-interactions on sharp cones, with Konstantin Pankrashkin and Fabio Pizzichillo,
    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 458, pp. 566 - 589, 2018 - ArXiv - journal
  5. A strategy for self-adjointness of Dirac operators: Applications to the MIT bag model and delta-shell interactions, with Luis Vega,
    To appear in Publicacions Matemàtiques- ArXiv
  6. Spectral transitions for Aharonov-Bohm Laplacians on conical layers, with David Krejčiřík and Vladimir Lotoreichik,
    To appear in Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics - ArXiv
  7. Discrete spectrum of interactions concentrated near conical surfaces, with Konstantin Pankrashkin,
    To appear in Applicable Analysis - ArXiv - journal
  8. On the bound states of Schrödinger operators with delta-interactions on conical surfaces, with Vladimir Lotoreichik,
    Communications in Partial Differential Equations, 41(6) :999-1028, 2016 - ArXiv - journal
  9. Spectral asymptotics of the Dirichlet Laplacian in a conical layer, with Monique Dauge and Nicolas Raymond,
    Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, 14(3) :1239-1258, 2015 - HAL - journal
  10. Dirichlet eigenvalues of asymptotically flat triangles,
    Asymptotic Analysis, 92(3-4) :279-312, 2015 - HAL - journal
  11. Dirichlet eigenvalues of cones in the small aperture limit,
    Journal of Spectral Theory, 4(3) :485-513, 2014 - HAL - journal

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Département de Mathématiques
, Université Paris-Sud, Bât. 425, F-91405 Orsay Cedex ,France