IHP Program on Inverse Problems - April 13th  2015  - July 10th 2015

organized by D. Dos Santos Ferreira, C. Guillarmou, M. Lassas, J. Le Rousseau.

Website of the program

A diary of the program (with all the activities)

1 introductory school in CIRM and 3 conferences at IHP:

* Introductory school on Inverse problems, April 13th-17th, CIRM Luminy
* Conference Spectral and Analytic Inverse Problems, May 4th-7th, IHP Paris
* Conference Geometric Inverse Problems, June 8th-12th, IHP Paris
* Conference Reconstruction and Stability Issues in Inverse Problems, June 29th-July 3rd, IHP Paris

4 graduate courses:

* Patrick Gerard: microlocal description of propagation of waves
* Luc Robbiano and Slava Kurylev: Unique Continuation and boundary control method
* Mikko Salo and Gabriel Paternain: X-ray tomography and boundary rigidity
* Gunther Uhlmann: The Calderon problem