Here's a list of regular seminars I feel involved in or where you could often find me in Paris.

Séminaire Parisien d'Optimisation

The SPO is a parisian monthly seminar that I coorganize with colleagues from Dauphine, Paris 6 Polytechnique, Cachan and ENPC.
The talks range from calculus of variations to optimization and numerical algorithms, through optimal control and controllability, game theory, economical applications...
When? one Monday afternoon per month, two talks, 3pm and 4.15pm.
Where? usually at IHP (downtown Paris).
Organizers: G. Carlier, A. Chambolle S. Gaubert, F. Meunier, V. Perchet, F. Santambrogio, S. Sorin

Séminaire de l'Equipe ANEDP, Orsay

The weekly seminar of our research team, involving both theoretical and applied topics on PDEs and numerical analysis.
When? on Thursday, 2.15pm and 3.45pm (coffee break in between).
Where? Bâiment 425, Campus d'Orsay, salle 113-115.
Organizers: F. Caetano, J.-B. Lagaert, A. Kazeykina, J.-M. Mirebeau, J. Sabin, J. Smulevici.


This working group on Calculus of Variations is a new joint seminar taking place every three or four weeks on the four sites. It has been created by merging the working group on Homogenization of Paris 6 (LJLL), and those on Calculus of Variations of Paris-Dauphine (CEREMADE) and of Ecole Polytechnique (CMAP) and Orsay (LMO). From September 2015, the Paris 7 branch of LJLL os also part of this seminar.
When? Monday morning, 10am and 11am, every 3 or 4 weeks.
Where? LJLL, Jussieu; CEREMADE, Paris-Dauphine;LJLL, Paris 7; LMO, Paris-Sud.
Organizers: J. Lamboley (IMJ-P6), D. Tonon (CEREMADE), P. Pegon (LMO) and M. Goldman (LJLL-P7).