2014-Now         Professor at Université Paris-Sud Orsay (PR1 since 2018)
2012-2014 CNRS Research at LPMA (Paris 6)
2008-2012 Teaching assistant at ENS Paris (Caïman)
2008-2011 Phd thesis under the supervision of Jean-François Le Gall


2013-2015         Alessandra Caraceni (co-supervision with F. Flandoli)         The geometry of large outerplanar and half-planar maps
2014-2018         Linxiao Chen (co-supervision with J. Bouttier)         Decorated random planar maps
2014-2018         Thomas Budzinski         Hyperbolic random planar maps
2015-Now         Delphin Sénizergues (co-supervision with B. Haas)         Random metric spaces built by gluings
2017-Now         David Marchand (co-supervision with I. Manolescu)         Geometry of random graphs built by preferential attachment


2016         Junior member of IUF
2016         Peccot course at Collège de France
2015         Rollo Davidson Prize
2012         Jacques Neveu prize for Phd thesis
2011         EADS Prize for Phd thesis