11 septembre 2019

Joël Merker et Zhangchi Chen (Orsay)
Differential Invariants of Parabolic Surfaces

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Lieu : Salle 3L8

Résumé : The algebra of differential invariants under SA_3 (R) of generic parabolic
surfaces S^2 ⊂ R^3 with nonvanishing Pocchiola 4th invariant W is shown to be generated,
through invariant differentiations, by only one other invariant, M, of order 5, having 57
differential monomials. The proof is based on Fels-Olver’s recurrence formulas, pulled
back to the parabolic jet bundles. Olver’s theory will then be generalized to jet bundles
subjected to arbitrary differential relations.

Differential Invariants of Parabolic Surfaces  Version PDF