7 janvier 2019

Viet-Anh Nguyen (Université Lille 1 - Laboratoire Paul Painlevé)
Négativité de l’exposant de Lyapunov pour des feuilletages holomorphes singuliers

Pieter Spaas (UC San Diego)
II_1 factors with a unique McDuff decomposition

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Lieu : Salle 2P8

Résumé : We consider McDuff decompositions of II_1 factors. In particular, we will discuss a structural result for such a decomposition when the central sequences of the non-McDuff part are captured by a Cartan subalgebra. We will also comment on some related properties and results for group actions and equivalence relations, in particular resolving a problem posed by Jones and Schmidt in 1985. Altogether these results will allow us to deduce several new instances of II_1 factors admitting a unique McDuff decomposition.

II_1 factors with a unique McDuff decomposition  Version PDF