13 septembre 2018

Henry Wilton (University of Cambridge)
Surface subgroups of graphs of groups

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Résumé : The Surface Subgroup conjecture, now a famous theorem of Kahn—Markovic, asserts that every closed hyperbolic 3-manifold contains an immersed closed hyperbolic surface. Long before Kahn—Markovic’s theorem, Gromov generalised the conjecture to (word-)hyperbolic groups : he asked whether every hyperbolic group has a subgroup isomorphic to the fundamental group a closed, hyperbolic surface, unless it has a free subgroup of finite index. In this talk, I’ll discuss this conjecture in the case of amalgamated free products of free groups $F_1*_H F_2$.

Notes de dernières minutes : Café culturel assuré à 13h par Frédéric Haglund

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