Quasistatic dynamical systems with intermittency

Lundi 3 décembre 2018 10:15-11:45 - Juho Leppänen - Univ. Helsinki & IMJ

Résumé : Quasistatic dynamical systems (QDS), introduced by Dobbs and Stenlund around 2015, model dynamics that transform slowly over time due to external influences. They are generalizations of conventional dynamical systems and belong to the realm of deterministic non-equilibrium processes.
I will first define QDSs and then discuss an ergodic theorem, which is needed since the usual theorem due to Birkhoff does not apply in the absence of invariant measures. After briefly explaining some applications of the ergodic theorem, I will give results on the statistical properties of a particular QDS in which the evolution of states is described by intermittent Pomeau-Manneville type maps. One of these results is a functional central limit theorem, obtained by solving a well-posed martingale problem, which describes statistical behavior as a stochastic diffusion process.

Lieu : salle 3L8

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