Journée annuelle du « Center for Data Science Paris-Saclay » (CDS)

Mercredi 28 novembre 2018

Résumé : The goal of this third annual CDS pitching day is to review progress in ongoing CDS projects, prepare the next batch of projects, and to continue matching domain science demand to data science supply.
We gather data providers and data analysts around the common theme of Data Science. There will be reminder talks presenting the tools and platforms built by the CDS, review talks of ongoing projects, and pitching talks preparing new projects. The aim is to draw an overall picture about the demand for CDS tools and expertise in Saclay and to help PIs building their projects. More information is available in the call for contributions, in our previous project calls, and in the CDS proposal.
The event will take place in the main auditorium of the UPSud Math building.

Journée annuelle du « Center for Data Science Paris-Saclay » (CDS)  Version PDF