Internships, theses, optimization community

We collect in this page information about internship and theses proposals (in particular from the industrial side), but also references to websites, newsletters and other tools to be in contact with the optimization community and be informed about all the opportunities. We remind that students are encouraged to actively search for research projects, internships, PhD offers...

News from the optimization community

  • Groupe MODE de la SMAI, the optimization group in the French Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics : it produces an information newsletter Lettre MODE, which also deals with some PhD, internship and job offers.
  • ROADEF, the French Society for Operational Research, with a forum dealing also with PhD, internship and job offers.
  • Opt-Net, an electronic forum for the optimization community (international ; it includes PhD proposals).
  • GDR RO, mailing list of the CNRS research group on Operational Research.

Internships (and some theses)

Internship proposals will be posted later.

2017/2018 internship offers

2017/2018 internship offers
Here below the first internship offers that we received for 2017/18.
Sometimes, if the offer is in French it means that knowledge of French is a requirement (not always).

  • Internship at EDF Chatou in Stochastic Optimization PDF
  • PhD position at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) PDF
  • Internship (with possible PhD thesis after it) on stability of time-delay systems at L2S - CentraleSupélec PDF
  • PhD thesis at AgroParisTech including parameter estimation for metabolism PDF (contact the supervisor before April 23)
  • Internship at RTE on task assignment for real-time simulation PDF
  • Another internship at Schneider, real-time image processing Word
  • Internship at IFPEN on Sparse-domain data (signal/image) processing for classification and learning PDF
  • Internship at IFSTTAR on evolutionary algorithm for multimodal network equilibria PDF
  • Internship in the OSIRIS Dept of EDF on dualization and minimization for short-term electric production PDF
  • Internship in game theory modeling of anti-sub-marine operations, at Thales Brest PDF (applications here, numéro du stage : 1710693, and/or contact the supervisor)
  • Two internships in machine learning at S.T.I.E. Schneider Toshiba Inverter Europe PDF PDF
  • Internship at Telecom ParisTech with O. Fercoq on smoothing parameters in saddle-points optimization PDF
  • Internship on Structured optimisation algorithms for training deep networks in Toulouse, PDF
  • Internship on trip planning at NAVER LABS see here
  • Many internships (and PhD) in the group of P. Carpentier and M. De Lara at Cermics (Ecole des Ponts) see here
  • Internship at LIP6 (UPMC) on Randomness in Scheduling Problems PDF
  • Internship on Design of Markov Decision Problem at ENPC, with possibility to go on for a PhD PDF
  • Two of the PhD offering at BCAM, Bilbao (Spain) involve optimization and machine learning see here
  • Internship at Télécom SudParis on cloud services optimization PDF.
  • Internship at EDF SESAME department on electrical price scenarios PDF
  • Internship at Thales (Limours-Palaiseau) about captor placement see here
  • Internship at EDF about optimal recycling of nuclear fuel PDF
  • Internships at EDF with O. Beaude on electric autoconsumption modeling via games PDF
  • Internship at INRIA Sophia about the control of micro-swimmers PDF
  • Internships at EDF with O. Beaude and D. Quadri (optimal electric vehicle recharge) PDF
  • Two internships in Machine Learning for robotics at SBRE : see here and here ; ignore the fact that they say the applications are closed, and send an email to Jean-Marc MONTANIER if interested.
  • Two internships at the OSIRIS department of EDF R&D PDFPDF
  • Several internships at ONERA in conception optimization or artificial intelligence/machine learning PDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
  • Internship in the start-up PADAM (transport optimization and data sciences) PDF
  • Internship at ENSEA Cergy on Information Theory and Game Theory (M. Le Treust) PDF
  • Internship on Quantile Regression al LIX (L. Liberti) PDF
  • Internship at INRA Rennes (F. Garcia-Launay) on fish and pork feeding optimization PDF