News for current students

News for 2016/17 students

  • The European Embedded Control Institute (link), based in Saclay, proposes some courses to Master and PhD students, essentially on control issues, during 2017. We underline in particular the courses by E. Zuazua (April) and/or D. Henrion (May). If you are interested enroll asap (courses are only activate if enough students enroll by Dec 15) and inform the director of the master program, to see whether a validation of ECTS is possible.
  • It is already possible to attend seminars from the series of seminars that we propose. In particular the PGMO seminar will start on Oct 19, the SPO will start on Dec 12, and the Calculus of Variations working group and Game Theory seminar are already very active.
  • The invited courses page includes now some extra details about Marc Teboulle’s course (Jan 25-26). For students who want to attend it without validating ACO II, attendance can be considered as equivalent to attending some seminars (for validation of the « Seminar » grade). The 10h of lectures will be considered as 7 points (2 double seminars + 2 single seminars).
  • Participation to the PGMO days (Nov 8-9) can also be validated for the « Seminar » grade (4 points for the participation to the whole event).
  • Attention : anyway, we require that at least 5 points in seminar grade computation come from standard seminars (i.e. those listed on our webpage, as this was the original goal for the seminar grade).
  • Some confusion exists for the validation modes of seminars and invited courses. Please do not mess up them, or ask if you have any questions. You can also have a look at this document : PDF.
  • SMAI organizes a series of seminars on the interfaces between probability and optimization (journée MAS-MODE) on Jan 9. You can consider participating. It can also be considered as seminars. Some places are still available.
  • The master program started on September 5, 10am. The presentation meeting, where the board of the master introduced the courses and the structure of the program, was scheduled on September 14, 1.45pm.
  • The precise locations of the courses and of the meeting are available in the google calendar below.
  • The file with the validation rules for the M2 (how many ECTS, how to compute the average grade, when is it possible to retake an exam...) which has been handed at the presentation meeting is here :
  • Unfortunately the two courses that we proposed from the FIIL program have not been activated.
  • As for courses from MPRO, two of them are given at CNAM, in downtown Paris. Please communicate your intention to attend these courses as soon as possible in order to receive the weekly planning with precise rooms.
Dates for 2016/2017
  • Intensive training : September 5 to 16.
  • Basic courses : September 19 to November 18 (including one week of Halloween vacations).
  • Advanced courses : November 21 to January 27 (Christmas vacations : Dec 17 to Jan 2).
  • The second term starts on January 30. It includes a small Winter Break (February) and Spring Break (April, typically during the internship period, to be arranged with the internship supervisors).
  • The program will end in early September 2017.