News and documents for current students

Information for 2017/18 students

  • Here you can find the French and the English versions of the documents for the « convention de stage » (please use the French one, and consider the English one as a translation) WordWord... For students enrolled in Paris-Sud : here is a French version with some data already filled (.odt) OpenDocument Text ; first fill it, print it, get it signed from the internship’s side (i.e your supervisor but also the person in charge of the organization you will join : director of the department, head of the company...), then bring it to Mrs Pires who will collect my signature and the one of the president of Paris-Sud.
  • Here are the rules for master validation (same as the paper handled during the presentation reunion) : PDF.
  • Here you also find a text with some extra explanations about seminars and invited courses (some confusion sometimes exist) :PDF
  • Here are the slides of the general presentation of the master program : PDF, and the slides for the presentation of the individual courses : PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF, PDF.
  • French courses : if interested, please contact as soon as possible contact-fle.langues chez
  • Beware of few changes in the schedule (MPRO + elliptic equations) and precisions about the Calc. Var. course. .
  • Here is the « fiche pédagogique » that you have to sign and bring back to the secretary office, as well as the « charte des examens » that the fiche refers to. See PDF and PDF
Dates for 2017/2018
  • Intensive training : September 4 to 15.
  • Basic courses : September 18 to November 17 (including one week of Halloween vacations).
  • Advanced courses : November 20 to January 26 (Christmas vacations : Dec 24 to Jan 7).
  • The second term starts on January 29.
  • The program will end in early September 2018.
  • The schedule table below contains most of the information for the first semester.