Admission and Scholarships

Admission to this master program is selective. Selection is based on previous academic results, through transcripts and recommandation letters. The typical prerequisites to be admitted to the master program include 4 years of studies in mathematics and/or engineering schools with strong mathematical background.

To apply , please visit the Paris-Saclay platform devoted to the master in Mathematics and Applications.

Administrative issues : Students who were already enrolled to a program in ENSTA, Polytechnique, Centrale-Supélec or HEC will register to the institution they come from ; all the others will be registered as students of Université Paris-Sud. In any case, the admission procedure is handled in all cases via the Paris-Saclay website and the final diploma will be issued by Université Paris-Saclay.

Foreign students

European students can enroll in the same way as French students do. The others may need a visa and have to take care of their immigration issues as soon as possible. Pay attention that students coming from a list of countries need to pass through Campus France in order to prepare their visa application, and this may require to start the procedure way in advance. According to the last news, it is possible to first apply on the website of Paris-Saclay and then contact Campus France after admission.


A number of scholarships are available for excellent students wishing to attend this master program. Warning : admission to the master program and obtention of a scholarship are two different, and independent issues. Of course, if you obtain one of the scholarships below, you can be sure you will be admitted to the program (but you have to apply anyway). On the other hand, being admitted does not imply at all the obtention of a scholarship.


Students can apply to the scholarships of Fondation Hadamard.

In 2015/16, two foreign students got the PGMO scholarship (one from Morocco, one from Vietnam). In 2016/17, one foreign students has been awarded a scholarship by PGMO (from Vietnam) and two other students, already in France, got a scholarship by the standard Sophie Germain program of FMJH (one French, one from Morocco). In 2017/18, three foreign students (from Chile, Brazil and Italy) got a FMJH scolarhship (besides another Chilean student who already had a scholarship for his M1+M2). The PGMO scholarship were a previous program by FMJH and EDF, specially devoted to Optimization (no more open).

IDEX Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay offers master scholarships as well. The procedure is the following : by applying through the same platform for the admission application, it is possible that the selection committee proposes you to apply for one of these scholarships, in which case you are required to complete your file and ask for some recommendation letters.

In 2015/16, one student of our master program (from Algeria) was awarded such a scholarship, three in 2016/17 (from Russia, Chile and Algeria), and two in 2017/18 (from Lebanon and Vietnam).