The proposed curriculum is structured around the completion of fundamental modules in the first year and more specialized modules in the second year, while allowing a large amount of flexibility, i.e. it is possible to take more specialized courses already in the first year.
The modules to be completed are to be chosen by the students among a proposed catalogue, and in consultation with a mentor to ensure consistency. The students must validate 60ECTS per year, with at least 5ECTS of computer sciences each year.

Compulsory courses

  • Course “Mathematics of artificial intelligence”
  • Seminar (M1 et M2)
  • Research project (M1)
  • Research internship
  • French

Elective courses: the courses listed below are put forward as recommended choices in the curriculum.
It is possible to choose other courses chosen from the catalogue of the mathematics and computer science masters courses, after discussion with a mentor.

Fundamental mathematics courses

  • Théorie spectrale (S1)
  • Probabilités (S1)
  • Géométrie (S2)
  • Statistiques (S2)

Applied mathematics courses

  • Programmation scientifique en C++ (S)
  • Séries chronologiques en statistiques (S)
  • Optimisation différentiable 1 et 2 (S)
  • Méthodes de Monte-Carlo et Méthodes numériques statistiques (S)

Computer Science courses

  • Optimisation continue et combinatoire (S)
  • Algorithmique avancée, semestre (S)
  • Introduction à l’apprentissage (S1)
  • Programmation parallèle et distribuée (S2)

Specialized courses

among the courses in M2 StatML, MVA, optimisation, Proba-Stats et AIC