Internships, theses, optimization community

We collect in this page information about internship and theses proposals (in particular from the industrial side), but also references to websites, newsletters and other tools to be in contact with the optimization community and be informed about all the opportunities. We remind that students are encouraged to actively search for research projects, internships, PhD offers...

News from the optimization community

  • Groupe MODE de la SMAI, the optimization group in the French Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics : it produces an information newsletter Lettre MODE, which also deals with some PhD, internship and job offers.
  • ROADEF, the French Society for Operational Research, with a forum dealing also with PhD, internship and job offers.
  • Opt-Net, an electronic forum for the optimization community (international ; it includes PhD proposals).
  • GDR RO, mailing list of the CNRS research group on Operational Research.

Internships (and some theses)

The list of internship proposals is continuously growing. In yellow you can see the most recent ones.
Sometimes, if the offer is in French it means that knowledge of French is a requirement (not always).

  • CIFRE industrial PhD thesis at Orange Labs on Network Conception PDF
  • PhD thesis in Perpignan on Multi-leader-follower models PDF
  • PhD thesis in energy optimization between the INRIA team INOCS and Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal PDF
  • PhD thesis in Stochastic Games at LRI (eed to apply for funding via the doctoral school, ADUM) PDF
  • PhD thesis at Mines St Etienne, (Provence Campus, close to Aix-en-Provence) PDF
  • PhD thesis on large-scale non-smooth optimization for data processing in Caen PDF
  • PhD thesis on Tropical-SDDP algorithms for stochastic control with J-P Chancelier and M. Akian PDF
  • CIFRE PhD on Optimization of logistical chains between CERMICS and PERSEE Word
  • PhD thesis on biological modelling at INRA, with a bit of DFO and parameter estimation Word
  • Internship at L2S Supélec on the estimation of linear quantum systems PDF
  • Five internships in the OSIRIS department of EDF PDFPDF PDFPDFPDF
  • Internship at EDF R&D Chatou Word with possible PhD thesis afterwards (starting in April is possible)
  • Internship at EDF Chatou on investment optimisation Word
  • Internship at EDR Lab Paris-Saclay on optimal location of measurement sensors PDF
  • Internship (+ possibility of PhD thesis) at IFPEN (French Petrol and Energy Institute) on derivative-free optimization Word
  • Internship at IFPEN with semismooth Newton algorithms PDF
  • Internship at INRA Rennes on optimal food strategies in livestock systems PDF
  • Internship at LRI supervised by Céline Gicquel PDFPDF (position filled)
  • Another internship at LRI with C. Gicquel, in collaboration with United Arab Emirates University PDF
  • Internship at Thales Cannes on the control of satellite vision PDF
  • Internship at CMAP with F. Bonnans and A. Kroener on optimal control of PDEs with transport costs PDF
  • Two internships at XRCE in Meylan (Grenoble) on itinerary computations PDFPDF
  • Two internships at ONERA : on robust certification in aerodynamics PDF or on multicriteria conception of space vehicles PDF
  • Many other internships at ONERA, several of them involving optimization : see here
  • Two internships at LAAS (Toulouse) proposed by Jean-Bernard Lasserre on algebraic methods in optimization PDFPDF
  • Internship (+ possible PhD thesis) on electric consumption control with EDF Saclay and Gilles Stoltz PDF
  • Internship in Operations Research in the start-up Padam (transportation, in Paris) PDF
  • Three internships proposed by RTE (Power Transportation Networks) PDFPDFPDF. A PhD thesis after the internship could be considered ; for the last one, there is a possibility of PhD at Stanford, but an application is required by December.
  • Internship at Thales on black-box optimization PDF
  • Internship at in LANEAS Group, CentraleSupélec, France. PDF
  • Internship in automatic transaltion in the start-up LinguaCustodia (Versailles) Word
  • Internship at the AXA group on pricing (Suresnes) Word (position filled)
  • Internship at the McTAO team of INRIA Sophia Antipolis on control of hybrid systems, micro-swimming and hysteresis PDF
  • Internship at INRA close to Tours on optimal chicken feeding Word
  • Internship at Valorem (close to Bordeaux) on optimization for wind power PDF (the starting date can be negotiated even if they write Feb-March)
  • Internship with EDF and Université d’Avignon on traffic problems with power consumption PDF
  • Internship in Operation Research at LIP6 PDF. Another internship in the same project is also available at LAAS Toulouse : see here
  • Internship at Télécom SudParis on the optimisation of power consumption in the cloud PDF