IMAGINARY is an international association based at Oberwolfach in Germany. A French section exists since 2015, coordinated by Alba Málaga and Samuel Lelièvre with the help of Daniel Ramos.

The platform, launched in 2013, allows anyone to contribute content aimed at the diffusion of mathematics towards the public.

One can find there the whole exhibitions «IMAGINARY - through the eyes of mathematics» (produced in 2008 for the German Year of mathematics) and «Mathematics of the Planet Earth» (produced in 2013 for the Unesco Year of Mathematics of the Planet Earth).

Anyone can also create a gallery and contribute content. The available content includes images, texts, films, shapes (STL files for 3D printers), software... All of that under free licences (Creative Commons, GPL, etc.).

Activities of the French section:

  • launched in Marseille in March 2015 with the «Forum des mathématiques vivantes»
  • held an «IMAGINARY» stand at the «Salon Culture et Jeux Mathématiques», place Saint-Suplice, Paris, in May-June 2015
  • animations «Shapes and equations, algebraic surfaces with SURFER», 9 Oct 2015 during «Fête de la science» in Orsay
  • exhibition on 10 Oct 2015 for «Fête de la science» at Institut Henri Poincaré
  • exhibition on 22 Oct 2015 for the 25th anniversary of the European Mathematical Society at Institut Henri Poincaré